Support our Fernwood Estate community…

We believe that Fernwood Estate is foremost a community of people rather than just another gated village. It is for this reason that we are pleased to promote local businesses of our residents living on the estate.

Criteria & Listing

In order to list your business on this page, you need to comply with the following:

  • Must be a resident of Fernwood Estate and living on the estate
  • Must be your own business

If we want to have these amazing small businesses, we need to actively seek out and support those who put their necks on the line to chase down a dream. Sometimes it may be a bit faster to zip through the drive-through line, but I can almost guarantee that the personal service and higher quality product will be worth the extra minute it may take. It could be a lasting relationship that holds more value in the long run.

Branch Street Coffee Roasters


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Photo of Speku – Handmade baby clothing and accessories
Contact: Stacey Uys
Cell Phone: 082 561 3336 Website:
Categories: Fashion
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Photo of Speranza Maintenance & Services
Contact: JC Carstens
Cell Phone: 082 677 4541
Categories: Construction & Home Improvement
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