Fernwood Estate comprises an extensive network of parks and open spaces. In total 11 parks have been developed for recreational use and is interlinked by a 2.4km walking path around the perimeter of the estate.

The gardens are landscaped with a variety of species of trees, shrubs and plants attracting all sorts of bird life. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that pre-dominantly indigenous and water-wise flora enjoy preference in the estate’s gardening agenda. The parks and gardens are irrigated via an automated computerised system making use of borehole water.

Fernwood Estate is committed to creating an environment that is both uplifting and conducive to a pleasant and healthy lifestyle, to the benefit and enjoyment of all the residents of our beautiful estate. We are fortunate to have the expert services of an accomplished garden services contractor who has done wonderful work in our estate.




Painted Stones

If you go walking around the estate, you may get a surprise: a smooth pebble painted with a colourful picture or an uplifting message.

Pebble painting, or “rocking”, is a craze that seems to have begun in the US with Megan Murphy’s “The Kindness Rocks Project”. She came up with the idea after collecting heart-shaped stones and pieces of sea-smoothed glass from the beach, seeing them as “rare treasures or signs and messages” from her deceased parents. “Finding them made me happy and I wanted to provide others with a similar experience.”

Now, a thriving international community of amateur artists decorates rocks before hiding them in public places.