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We believe that Fernwood Estate is foremost a community of people rather than just another gated village. It is for this reason that we are pleased to promote local businesses of our residents living on the estate.

Criteria & Listing

In order to list your business on this page, you need to comply with the following:

  • Must be a resident of Fernwood Estate and living on the estate
  • Must be your own business

If we want to have these amazing small businesses, we need to actively seek out and support those who put their necks on the line to chase down a dream. Sometimes it may be a bit faster to zip through the drive-through line, but I can almost guarantee that the personal service and higher quality product will be worth the extra minute it may take. It could be a lasting relationship that holds more value in the long run.

Branch Street Coffee Roasters


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Taylor Made Financial Services

Contact: Nick Taylor
Cell Phone: 083 488 5234
Photo of Taylor Made Financial Services

Biographical Info

Nick Taylor is the owner of Taylor Made Financial Services Cc and also an Independent contractor for Discovery FSP. He brings with him over 22 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Nick has a passion for people and helping them make a positive change in their financial lives. In other words, he helps them grow their wealth. Nick does this by really listening to your needs and putting a solid and sustainable strategy and or solution together for you. At Taylor Made, we partner with dynamic and innovative companies to make the seemingly impossible possible. So, if you don’t believe that financial freedom and financial wellness is within your reach, then come and talk to Nick. We give our clients hope where they thought there was none.

Nick specialises in numerous financial areas and provides his clients with extra-ordinary advice and service in the areas of Medical Aid, Risk Planning for Individuals and Companies, Short / Medium and Long Term Savings Investments and Planning, Short-term Insurance, Wills and GAP Cover.

Nick started his post matric life as a medic in the South African Defence Force and was taught strength, teamwork and discipline and has drawn this learning through to his business modality. His passion for Financial Planning started at a Liberty Franchise at the tender age of 23 and his first year, saw him take second place in terms of production for the Franchise. The growth from here was exponential and his journey took him on a path where he learnt many aspects of Financial Planning and perfecting the Holistic Planning approach. Nick, with a proficient team of support staff, offers an expert hand in the planning of a client’s financial future and with the aid of the Independent Brokerage is able to keep a client’s full portfolio under one roof.

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